Ex-West New York DPW chief fired 9 days after his successor was selected, letter shows


Former West New York Department of Public Works Acting Superintendent Silvio Acosta was fired last week, nine days after his successor, Joseph Rodriguez, was appointed, according to a copy of his termination letter.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … The Town’s former Commissioner of the Department of Public Works purportedly continued your employment as a hold over, despite your failure to have obtained the requisite state certification,” the May 30th letter from Business Administrator Jonathan Castaneda says.

“Without waiver or prejudice to the Town’s objections to that unauthorized administrative act, please be advised that your employment is hereby terminated effective immediately.”

As only HCV reported, Rodriguez, a board of education trustee and the husband of Freeholder Caridad Rodriguez (D-7), was hired at the May 21st board of commissioners meeting via unanimous vote (5-0).

Acosta’s employment appeared to be in jeopardy ever since December, when the board of commissioners rescinded a four-year, $137,000 annual contract.

A close ally of former Mayor Felix Roque, Acosta was a highly controversial figure during his eight-year tenure, initially serving as the mayor’s chief of staff where he was accused of orchestrating the political firing of two top officials in the town building department.

The lawsuit was eventually settled for $200,000 each and the employees, Tom and Kim O’Malley, both returned to their old jobs.

The bad blood allegedly began over Acosta allegedly converting a two-family property on Lincoln Place into a six-family home, eventually accruing over half a million in building fines.

Acosta could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

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  1. Now to fire Acosta’s wife and Girl Friends (Same for Ruben Vargas) working for the Town.

    They all make more money from day one than 20+ year employees.

    Just check the time sheets and see they don’t work all the hours their suppose to.

    How about Acosta,s Police Officer Son getting special treatment on the Job past 8 years. Time to make him Act like a PO and put on the Uniform and show up at HQ.

    Audit all Business at DPW last few years also. Start with Galaxy contracts

  2. Hud should be called in also on Acosta. Many Apts where give to people associated to Acosta and Vargas got special preference. Threats upon tenants also.

    Yes check the books. Divincent is an Albio boy so nothing will be done here. All slimy

  3. Nothing new in this article really .We all knew this last week. What I want to know is if Commander Acosta ever paid any of that $500,000 in fines ???

  4. Rumor has it investigation is on. Silvio Acosta and Ruben Vargas got kick backs from Urban America for their role in getting tax abatement’s last few years for numerous new buildings. Also including the Overlooks Terrace building and the fixing of Apts to friends and Family or those that could pay under the Table. This might also include the West New York Housing Authority and the West New York Housing Corp run by Divincent for one and Racketeering with Acosta and Vargas whom also where working or running the WNY Housing. Even the WNY PA will get subpenoa rumor has it as Vargas has influence there as WNY PA rents from the Corporation through Urban America… This is explosive..Stay Tune.. Little Bird is about to sing. Hope Dr Felix gets caught up in this. Maybe Acosta was wired That would be a great story. Stay tuned