Ex-West New York Commissioner Vargas gets 3 years probation for equity skimming


Former West New York Commissioner Ruben Vargas was sentenced to three years probation and 10 months house arrest in U.S. District Court in Trenton this morning, his attorney told Hudson County View. Ruben Vargas

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We are pleased that the court recognized Ruben Vargas’ qualities, character and dedication to his community and chose to reject the government’s request to send him to prison, and instead sentence him to probation so that he can continue to work and provide for his family,” Vargas’ attorney, Christ Adams, said via email.

“His public service and good deeds certainly make him a person that will respond well to probation.”

Adams added that the Vargas will not have to forfeit his public employment and will be allowed to work during his home confinement, as well as “attend religious services” and activities for his children during that time.

As Hudson County View first reported, Vargas, 65, pleaded guilty to performing equity skimming with a $417,000 loan from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) back in May.

Vargas admitted in court that on or about September 21, 2007, he purchased the rental property, located at 5512 Grant Pl., and purposely stopped making payments on it, yet continued to collect rental income from the residence.

A former car salesman, the elected official resigned from office in February 2015, citing “personal circumstances” as the reason.

Since then, he has found employment at both the town’s housing and parking authorities, earning annual salaries of $35,000 and $40,000, respectively.

Despite his guilty plea, both autonomous agencies initially opted to keep Vargas on the payroll.

However, at the end of June, the HUD Departmental Enforcement Center informed Vargas that he would be suspended without pay from the housing authority.

At the regularly scheduled May meeting of the West New York Housing Authority, Agency Counsel Frank Leanza insisted that there was no reason to terminate Vargas since such an action was not explicitly stated in his plea agreement.

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  1. The Criminals stay on the WNY payroll but Roque’s political enemies get Fired . Vargus pleaded guilty of a crime of moral turpitude so it’s beyond my comprehension how he is permitted to remain on the payroll. Our elected officials dropped the ball on this one .

    • “His public service and good deeds certainly make him a person that will respond well to probation.”
      What a crock. This illiterate supported the crooked Roque in everything he did while he was a commissioner. Isn’t he the clown who was given a high paying job in the school district but couldn’t explain what his duties were when asked by investigators?

      This entire state is a cesspool. I guess you can’t expect much from a federal prosecutor’s office that was once headed by Christie.

  2. Get smart people… If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

    Judges on every level are making it clear that crime pays, especially in Hudson County.

    So hack, extort, skim and then rat …. All the while you get to “continuing being able to provide for your family”.

    Trump for President.

  3. I said it once Ill say it again call the real media,Linda Baquero from channel 4 news gets the job done and help me Howard is fabilious . also call the Spanish channel and question them all the time there here in west new your,they should have some answers,there always at roques events.

  4. I’m gonna say this. I live in Overlook Terrace North. Making it clear North bc owners broke off ties. This building is HUD as is the 2 senior buildings on 51 street and the new one built on the corner of 49th st. I’ve reached out to everyone I to help me with harassment, threats, forces entry, broken door lock, DYFUS, defamation of character. BC I’m made out to be a crazy, crackhead thAt came from PO Benny Fontanez, imsulted by this man and his family. I’ve been TKTD and paid for Towing due to no handicap spots available. But if I pay$130.00 I can get one. PSEG my name was taken off. I had no power for 3 days. While the Super is tapped in to the buildings master power, how do I know so much my X is the super here, gets TRO’s at a drop of a dime. BC Theyve got Judge Mark Barber in JC in their pocket. He says he’s the victim, I got emotionally, mentally and physical beating on this building clock. This punk that I reached out to last year turned away from my crie of help, left me stranded. All for their cover up. I’m going on the record To all those ladies in Town Hall, that would give me wrong court dates, the ones that wouldn’t take care of me, they even went as far as tell me “honey why don’t you just leave that man in peace already.” I was imquiring about zoning. Why the hell dos Vilma say that to me. None of you know what it’s been like here. The curruption is big. For example under HUD law 70%of the rent comes from the Fed goV, and we are 30% of our income and if you get sick or lose your job their supposed to adjust your rent. Instead they evict and pas lock apts and tha
    The staff steals these families belongings claiming their not responsible. But no one is aware of any of this bc the building #one bit of information is to keep us up to date with HID handbook and new laws they don’t include it with your lease. Let’s put it this way when questioning prop manager Rachel Castillo about HUD last year she was clueless. I guess now when I caLL HUD I’ll imfom them I come from the town that out HUD Commisioner plead guilty to crime. The crimes I’m living till tmrw when I’m get the sheriff to lock me out. Yes 40% of single moms in housing get this abuse everyday. So I may go away but not so far that I’m not going to let this happen to another human being. And for all those no it all in the building that have been bought out to turn Away from me. Let’s see where you’left all be when the HUD Help is over and all the rents will be the same as all waterfront living. They got all their mortgages paid they got money to make improvements. And not one permit has been put in town for the walls that go up and down and people pay like I did a lot of cash only to a super that has no license in uing, electric, or construction, not even a green card. Go