Hoboken pastor says Jordan Neely was ‘out of line’ before being choked to death


Rev. Alexander Santora, the pastor at the Church of Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken, tweeted this morning that while it is sad Jordan Neely was choked to death, he was “out of line.”

Screenshot via video by Juan Vazquez.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Neeley’s [sic] stance was threatening on the subway. Already punched, injured 2 sr. citizens & warrant out for his arrest,” he wrote this morning at 6:29 a.m.

“This is not racial; it’s protecting innocent riders when no police are present. He restrained him; sad he died. Neeley [sic] was out of line. Adams is right.”

Jordan Neely, 30, who was homeless, was having a mental episode while on the F train in lower Manhattan around 2:30 p.m. on Monday before a former Marine, identified today as Daniel Penny, placed him in a rear naked choke for nearly 15 minutes.

The incident was partially captured on video and has since made national headlines. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has said an investigation is underway and that stating Neely was murdered is inappropriate at this time.

“I have been extremely clear that the district attorney and the police department, they’re doing their investigations and I’m going to respect that. There are many layers to this. Let the process follow its course,” he said yesterday, per the New York Post.

His remarks came after U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-14) tweeted that Neely had been “murdered” and that it was “disgusting” his attacker had not been charged.

Just a few hours after AOC spoke out about the situation, the New York City Medical Examiner determined that Neely’s death was a homicide via a compression of the neck with a chokehold.

A rear naked choke is a submission maneuver that was popularized in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has become a common finish in MMA fights.

The hold can render someone unconscious in less than 10 seconds if applied properly by squeezing on both carotid arteries with the forearms while applying pressure from behind.

Applying the choke for minutes at a time can lead to death since it cuts off the airflow to the brain.

Penny still hasn’t been charged with a crime as of this writing.

Neely, a former Michael Jackson impersonator with an extensive arrest record, used to live in Bayonne and was just 14 years old when his mother was murdered and had her body left inside a suitcase on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

His father told the New York Daily News on Wednesday that Jordan was deeply traumatized by his mother’s killing.

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  1. Amen! Neely is a veteran who stood up when others were being physically assaulted by this repeat criminal. He should be heralded for his bravery – not racially profiled himself.

    Ask yourself why we’re in this situation in the first place.

    Back the blue. Support law and order. Prosecute criminals.

    • So wait, is it “prosecute criminals”, or just kill them vigilante style on the streets? “Amen” for someone who just killed a guy?

      And what does “back the blue. support law and order” have to do with this situation? Nothing.

  2. Santora has long been a deeply flawed messenger for Christ, a.k.a. the Prince of Peace. It’s time that Santora ditched his robes and ran for elected office where his opinions matter.

    • This is the best I’ve heard from him. Hopefully, he keeps speaking out for the victims of crime; the disenfranchised riding the subways, the poor and all those exploited for gutter politics keeping people down and voting for immoral, evil, anti-American commie Democrats like AOC. Hey, did AOC every apologize when she was caught stealing restaurant waitstaff money when she was a bartender? She’s garbage.

      • For a minute there it looked like you’d make it through a whole comment without ranting about commies, nazis, stasis and the rest of your bitter old man fantasies. No such luck. Get a thesaurus, grandpa.

  3. Gee, so much for compassion and understanding from this long-disgraced priest. I assume at this Sunday’s mass he will read the verse for the Bible where is says a man should be killed of being “out of line”.

  4. Santora should have been removed years ago
    He’s a dog hating, anti new resident hater, went after Zimmer with veiled anti semiotic innuendos and now condoning a snuffing out of a young man?

    If only he spoke out ad much on all the children his associates molested and his parishioners tithes were used to cover up?

    Send this in Christ like fraud to the retirement home

  5. Condoning the killing and defending MISTER Santora, ( he’s not very reverend ) is against all the commandments the New Testament teaches

    Santora should be as vocal when his fellow priests molested and rape kids, his church could feed a village with their artworks and it’s no wonder his Parish is shrinking…

  6. Hail to Mr. Daniel Penny, and Bernard Goetz ….December 1984!!! N.Y.C. is Responsible!!!!!!!
    Shame on that Moron, A.O.C., that DemCrapic politician, its their doing that the Great United States is going to CRAP… (if she Was on the train she might see it different)!!! People are Petrified to go anywhere now a days, because the prisoners, psychos, and drug attics, are running the streets, trains, and some neighborhoods.. What will they legalize next, K2, crack. Meth, Mollies, percoets, HEROIN??? They ought to legalize Guns in NYC, and Let us “STAND OUR GROUND”!!!!! Now the black life matters Cowards are making another stink, but not when the black cop killed a black guy, ( that’s cool and the gang, RIGHT)!!! Why don’t they protest about the MUSICK, they produce, and listen to, that is DESTROYING the Youth, and society as a whole. Or why don’t they protest about all the litter and garbage in the streets in the hood, to show the Children how to Live like Civilized Human Beings. Or why don’t they protest how they barge on the Buses without Paying; With an Attitude, and impunity. One of My Hero’s Fredrick Douglas said, ” Teach a Child Love, and God, and You won’t have to fix a BROKEN Adult. You have all these Million air Black ball players, and Million air Black MUSICK FILTH Producers, and NOT ONE Of THEM as THE BALLS TO DO it… I was dating a white Cuban Lady, with A white, Greek, Cuban daughter, Whom is an 30 year old Accountant; and seven years ago when she got her first Job, she was on the phone with her white Irish girl friend, and I was sitting at the dinner table ready to put a piece of Fish in My Mouth, and she said to her girl friend, ” Suck My DicK nigga, I dropped the fork and fish and looked at My Girlfriend who shrugged her shoulders, like what can I do??? What? Come on Man Let’s Call a Spade A SPADE…. Let Us ADULTS try to turn this Around for All the Poor INNOCENT Children caught in the Cross FIRE, black, white, brown yellow, all Gods Beautiful Children!!! And stop all this thug style life You All PROPAGATE!!! Another Hero of Mine said, it’s not the Color of Your Skin, it’s the CONTENT OF YOUR CHARACTER!!!!!!!!! Grow up blm, and let Us See Some Content.
    That is My Two SENSE!!!!