Ex-JC residents seek help for drug addiction at Straight and Narrow – Part I


New Jersey residents looking to kick drug and alcohol addiction can look no further than the Straight and Narrow live-in facility in Paterson. Hudson County View sat down with two former Jersey City residents to discuss their struggles with substance abuse.

Straight and Narrow is a non-profit Catholic Charities agency in Paterson that has been providing substance abuse services to all of New Jersey since 1954.

Group therapy sessions, Mommy and Me classes, detox programs and a subsidized living facility for those suffering from HIV or AIDS are just a few of the programs offered by the facility.

Joe Villardi who has been at Straight and Narrow for two months, lived in Jersey City during the height of his issues with drugs and alcohol.

Villardi, 24, was born with a cognitive disorder – but the problem was magnified during a brutal mugging incident years ago. He was under the influence when the unexpected attack occurred.

Emmanuel Bethea, 48, also used to live in Jersey City and is at his second stint at the facility for drugs and alcohol. While he was able to kick the habit with heroin and pills, he is again seeking treatment for alcohol abuse.

Anyone that has a friend of family member that can benefit from Straight and Narrow, call 973-345-6000, extension 6230. An email can also be sent to shortterminfo@straightandnarrowinc.org. 

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