Ex-Hoboken Council Pres. Campos gets 30 months for $7M car loan scheme


Former Hoboken Council President Chris Campos was sentenced to 30 months in prison for his role in a $7 million car loan scheme, Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Joon Kim announced. 

Chris Campos

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Campos, 41, of Palisades Park, was sentenced today in Manhattan federal court to 30 months in prison for fraudulently obtaining millions of dollars in car loans, authorities said.

“Christopher Campos, an attorney and former Hoboken City Council president, defrauded lenders out of millions of dollars,” Kim said in a statement.

“He put up straw buyers to obtain loans for ‘personal use’ cars that in fact comprised a fleet of over 200 vehicles leased to livery drivers. Campos has now received the significant sentence his crimes merit.”

According to court documents, Campos used approximately 20 straw buyers to purchase more than 200 new cars based on false representations that, among other things, the straw buyers would use the cars for their personal use.

However, in reality, Campos and his co-conspirators obtained the vehicles in order to lease them as livery cabs, officials said.

After a week-long trial, he was found guilty of bank and wire fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud, back on June 22. U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Caproni presided over that trial and imposed today’s sentence.

Between approximately October 2012 and September 2013, Campos and his co-conspirator Julio Alvarez, among others, orchestrated a scheme to fraudulently obtain new automobiles that they intended to lease to livery cab drivers.

In order to secure financing in connection with the purchase of these new cars, Campos and other co-conspirators enlisted and aided individuals with good credit histories (“straw buyers”) to submit fraudulent car loan applications to numerous lenders.

Furthermore, to obtain the new vehicles, CAMPOS and other co-conspirators sent straw buyers to several car dealerships located throughout the New York City area, where dealership employees helped straw buyers submit fraudulent loan applications.

The auto loan applications submitted by the straw buyers falsely represented that the vehicles would be used for the buyers’ personal use, rather than as part of the defendants’ leasing business.

In addition, in many cases, the car loan applications misrepresented personal information about the straw buyers, including their incomes and assets.

Campos, also caused financing applications to be sent to multiple financial institutions at the same time so that the lenders would not know that the straw buyers were incurring obligations to other lenders in connection with the purchase of multiple new automobiles.

In total, the scheme carried out by Campos, Alvarez, and others involved approximately 20 straw buyers, the purchase of approximately 200 new vehicles, and ultimately resulted in lenders disbursing over $7,000,000 in fraudulently obtained car loans – which ultimately went into default.


    • He’s got 3 small children. Yes, he should have thought abut that before. But his life is ruined, he’ll get disbarred, how much suffering do you want.

      • What about the children of the people he scammed?
        Screw him
        Should have kept it in his pants- he’s been a scumbag all his life

  1. Zero sympathy for Christopher Campos.

    Like his former Hoboken City Council collegue Peter Cammarano, he is a lawyer and former politician who understood what he was doing was illegal, wrong and what the consequences would be if he got caught.

    It is no coincidence that all the Hoboken crooks all seem to get together at every election to get their crew into a position of power.

    One month jail time for each $233,333.33 he hoped to gain from his crime is most certainly getting off easy.

    • no one is asking for your sympathy (fortunately). you are unable to separate your animosity toward him and his ilk from the standards of justice and sentencing guidelines.

      • His ilk ?

        He plotted and executed a criminal plan to defraud banks of $7,000,000.

        As a lawyer he knew far better than your garden variety crook that what he was doing was illegal and what the penalties would be if he was caught. He was caught and now will undoubtedly try as he has done in the past, weasel his way out for paying the penalty for his crime.

        You are correct, l have and I think most people have reasonable animosity towards a crook.

  2. I have animosity towards sCampos. TONS of Animosity and it is precisely because he is a crook, a bully, an ogre and a caustic piece of trash
    Why should we separate it the crook from the bad father?
    All the Old Guard weren’t together in this past election. Romano, Defusco and Bhalla split the gang up.
    With Eugene Drayton supporting Bhalla, Raia with Defusco and Russo with Romano the gang was split
    Some even freelancing for Valente and Nason

    • your personal contempt for these people is your problem. we are talking about sentencing. it’s based on the facts of the case, the severity, the likelihood of recidivism, past sentencing for similar offenses and circumstances, past convictions of the guilty party (not your personal contempt for the guilty party but his actual convictions). please though make sure you share all this spew if you are ever asked to be on a jury. our system of justice depends on knowing which jurors are too full of loathing to be able to render a fair verdict based on the facts presented rather than the facts they obsess upon.

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