Ruben Ramos talks Carmelo Garcia, 2013 mayor’s race and Vision 20/20


Hoboken 4th Ward Council candidate Ruben Ramos spoke about his friend Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia’s (D-33) candidacy in the 6th Ward, the 2013 mayor’s race, why the housing authority needs a renovation plan such as Vision 20/20 and much more.


“I think first of all, Carmelo [Garcia] has a ‘can do attitude’ and a ‘know how attitude:’ two things you need to serve on a city council. At the end of the day, it’s all about constituent services: listening to people and reaching out to people,” Ramos told Hudson County View at Garcia’s campaign kickoff event last night.

“Carmelo has the proper skill set and acumen to definitely get that down.”

Ramos, who used to sit in the same District 33 Assembly seat that Garcia will be stepping down from at the end of this year, made an unsuccessful bid for mayor against incumbent Dawn Zimmer in 2013.

Although he may not have been as visible as he could’ve been since the defeat, Ramos says he has remained very active behind the scenes.

“I never really lay low. Just because you don’t go to public events all the time, or different political activities all the time, doesn’t mean you’re not involved or engaged – and if it weighs the community. Behind the scenes, you can be just as helpful behind the scenes with people as you can in front of the scenes.”

Ramos faces a strikingly similar war zone in the 4th Ward as he did in the 2013 mayor’s race: then, he ran against Zimmer and 4th Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti.

Now, he squares off with Occhipinti and Dana Wefer, the chairwoman of the Hoboken Housing Authority who is an ally of Zimmer and hated nemesis of Garcia.

“I am what I am, I can’t change my stripes, my personality is what is is,” he said when asked if the political dynamics would change his approach to this election.

As far as what needs fixing in the 4th Ward, Ramos believes the housing authority buildings are in “dilapidated conditions” and wondered why a renovation plan like Vision 20/20 wasn’t given more of a chance.

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