ELEC: Hoboken Mayor Bhalla raises 88k in 2nd quarter, has over $191k cash on hand


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla raised $87,994 during the second quarter of this year and has $191,279.91 cash on hand, according to a campaign finance report he filed last night.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Adam Alonso, a former aide to Gov. Phil Murphy (D) who is now consulting with Hudson Regional Hospital in their bid to take over the Bayonne Medical Center, donated $1,250 to Bhalla on June 30th, according to a report filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission last night.

Other notable donors include David Carney, the manager of the Madison Bar and Grill, contributed $1,000 on June 2nd, prominent criminal defense attorney Joe Hayden gave the same amount on June 29th, and Texas Arizona owner James McCue wrote a $1,500 check for June 16th.

Additionally, former Mayor Dave Roberts donated $1,000 on June 21st and Acting Fire Chief Anton Peskens gave $500 the following day.

The majority of Bhalla’s second quarter haul came from his campaign kickoff at the Pilsener Haus & Biergarten last month.

He is currently running unopposed, though Patricia Waiters has picked up petitions of nomination to run for both mayor and council-at-large for the November 2nd non-partisan municipal elections.

“With nearly $200,000 in the bank and the election still 5 months away, we know we will have the resources to communicate Mayor Bhalla’s message of building on the accomplishments of the past four years to keep Hoboken moving in the right direction,” said  re-election campaign spokesman Rob Horowitz.

“Mayor Bhalla’s proactive leadership on COVID-19, the durable quality of life improvements he has put in place, and his sound fiscal management, all demonstrate that he is the best person to lead Hoboken forward.”

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  1. Did Ravi take money from anyone who is not “vaxed?” Because Ravi announced any of these people who are walking around and not “vaxed” should be shunned. He actually put that out in the public release. How no one covered that story is quite odd.

    No one will run against Ravi and his efforts to put a “star” on anyone who is not “vaxed?” What’s next? Labor or re-education camps?

    Among those who are sane, notice how Dr. Fraudci avoids any mention of natural immunity even though all children and youth along with most Americans have natural immunity against the CCP Virus.

    Why do they push this ugly Big Lie and avoid the truth about natural immunity? The Israeli PM announced that the Pfizer “fax” fails substantially against the CCP Virus.

    Maybe people need to be told to avoid all those who have had the Pfizer “vax?” Why not Ravi?

    • Why would you accuse anyone of being involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax? That was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They got a big return and lots of cooperation from their insurrectionist friends in the media and law enforcement. Non-stop coup attempts ending in massive election fraud.

      Ravi said don’t associate with anyone who is not vaccinated It is his public announcement. This although the Israeli PM just announced the Pfizer jab fails to stop most from being infected across age groups. Sort of like those Texas Dem super spreaders who took a private plane to DC and started spreading the virus there.

        • So, you’re back to digging a hole. Too much evidentiary fact. Does that Ravibot response count for even a non-denial denial? I don’t think so. We all saw Ravi’s sick email detailing a Scarlet letter or was it a Star of David for those who didn’t elect to get that experimental jab? Spreading hate and discrimination is bad. Didn’t the UK just announce only yesterday close to half or more of their infected caseload received the jab? Yes, they did. Try to keep up.

          Maybe Ravi should try to be decent and stop shilling bad advice to please the party bosses harming the American people that’s not based on data and evidence. Maybe he won’t have his pals toss out another terror flyer this year? Grewal is gone. No more protection for the hate crime against Hoboken people.

          I would be proud if someone thought I was Horsey. Someone needs to tell the truth: the more, the better. Is he going to come back to kick some sociopath ass? Cause that would be awesome.

          • he’s a washed up knee-pad wearing trump fluffer who isn’t capable of distinguishing between the dumbest conspiracy theories and credible reporting even though he used to do some reporting many, many years ago. if anyone calls you horsey tell them to screw off and stop insulting your intelligence and potential relevance.

          • https://www.bbc.com/news/health-57467051

            Long story short, the delta variant is more transmissible and virulent. It’s an argument for getting vaccinated. While the vaccines were developed before the delta was known, they are effective against getting the worst symptoms. Or you can listen to self-serving morons who only care about making the politics of the pandemic serve the far right. Your choice.

          • @you dont want anyone callng you horsey: But I wonder if horsey actually is unable to distinguish between conspiracy theories and facts. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing and saying, knows exactly what the real facts are, but feels compelled to espouse nonsense anyway. he’s decided “Anti-Ravi/MAGA/own the libs” is the hill he’s gonna die on.

        • to use his name on his bat$h*t drivel which is as recognizable as a signature. He refers to himself in the third person, “Horsey” cause he’s a coward, a wimp, a candy ass. Can’t own his own opinions. Strange, strange dude.

  2. Wanted to make a donation to Ravi’s campaign as it would be good for my local business but Hoboken and NJ is at herd immunity so I felt no need to get an experimental jab.