E-scooterist receives summons in Hoboken after striking SUV where Fulop was passenger


A man riding an electric scooter received a summons in Hoboken last week after striking an SUV where Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop was riding as a passenger, documents obtained by HCV show.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In a July 13th letter from Jersey City Police Det. Alberto Cotto to Traffic Unit Lt. Travis Ragland, he indicates that he was driving a city-owned black Chevrolet Tahoe SUV at about 8:54 a.m. on that date when he was exiting the parking lot at 50 Harrison St. in Hoboken.

“After checking to make sure there was no pedestrian foot traffic crossing the sidewalk I continued exiting the driveway. While attempting to merge from the parking garage driveway I heard a large bang [sound] from the passanger [sic] side of the vehicle and was [alerted] that the vehicle had just been struck,” Cotto wrote, noting that he then exited the vehicle to see what happened.

“I located an adult male getting up off the sidewalk and saw a eletric [sic] scooter near the … passenger side tire. The male stated he had some minor curs and refused medical attention and stated he would like to leave. We infirmed [sic] the male that we would like to at least call an ambulance and asked him to stand by.”

He continued the city vehicle remained fully operational and that both the Hoboken and Jersey City Police Departments responded to the scene.

The report by Hoboken Police Officer Geovanni Cruzado corroborated what Cotto claimed, adding that the e-scooterist, a 23-year-old Jersey City resident, was issued a summons for riding his electric scooter on the sidewalk.

“According to the Pedestrian, he stated he was riding his electric scooter on the sidewalk heading Northbound on Harrison Street,” Cruzado wrote.

“Pedestrian stated that he was unaware of vehicle #1 exiting the parking lot and was unable to stop in time causing him to collide into the rear passenger side of the vehicle.”

Additionally, a draft supplementary crash investigation report from Jersey City Police Officer Asif Raiz says that the SUV had a minor scratch on the rear passenger side door with no additional damage, as well as that Cotto had told her that Fulop “had a meeting and they had to leave the scene.”

Raiz also noted that East Patrol Sgt. William Braker responded to the scene as well, which is standard when a city vehicle is involved in an accident.

The report did not indicate when Jersey City police went to investigate the incident, though Cotto had also wrote that Riaz was responded to the scene as a traffic investigator.

According to Jersey City spokeswoman, Cotto and Fulop remained on the scene until after statements were taken and an ambulance arrived to evaluate render aid to the e-scooterist.

“After the electric scooter hit the vehicle, the Mayor and police detail immediately got out to check on the scooter driver and called for an ambulance. The Mayor stayed on scene until statements were taken and aid was given to the scooter driver,” she said.

“Fortunately, the male was evaluated and cleared by EMTs and everyone involved was able to walk away from the incident after Hoboken police officers conducted their investigation.”

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  1. You know who’s important in Hudson County because you’re not allowed to hit them with your bike or scooter.

    Or protest in front of their homes.

    Or even find out their address in public records.

    Everybody else is fair game.

  2. ???
    You have to walk to be a pedestrian. I wouldn’t shed a tear.
    You gonna whine when you hit by a e scooter at 30mph on sidewalk.

  3. Would hope Mayor Fulop could take some action with all the delivery people going the WRONG WAY on the nice bike paths all set up so well.

    At least put up some signs and threaten fines if caught because these people are a hazard to health.

    Please take some safety action, Mayor Fulop.

  4. So the the Jersey City Mayor in his big chauffeured driven SUV was leaving a parking lot (not a garage) pulls out on to the sidewalk in Hoboken in front of a Jersey City man on an e-scouter injures him. Got it.

  5. What was he doing at his BFF’s development site?
    Another Dispensary strategy meeting with Team Bhalla and John Allen?