Dozens of vehicles participate in Trump caravan through Weehawken and Hoboken


Dozens of vehicles participated in a Trump caravan that passed through Weehawken and Hoboken this afternoon, an event that moved quickly and efficiently thanks to a joint effort between law enforcement agencies, Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said.

The rally, which began in the parking lot of Tower Plaza in Weehawken, 4100 Park Ave., drove through Hoboken and returned to North Hudson in about a half hour without any issues.

New Jersey GOP State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein, who participated in the event, expressed great enthusiasm for Trump’s re-election bid.

” … Too many times over the last 20 years, and even more so in the last four, Republicans in our county have been called every name under the sun,” he said.

“The Trump car caravan, organized not by GOP party officials or organizations, but by commonsense grassroots leaders is a point of pride for the many people we drove past today who smiled, clapped, and joined the cheer for Trump 2020!”

Facing questions from residents on Twitter asking why Hoboken police directed traffic for the caravan after a similar effort shut down the Garden State Parkway yesterday, Ferrante said it was to ensure efficiency and safety.

“We made contact with the organizer shortly before this caravan in order to get an intended route. Our goal was two-fold, to keep traffic moving & ensure that we had no disputes in our city,” he tweeted.

“We went consistent with orders and protocols we followed with the two protests we had in June. Our officers did an excellent job getting these 70-80 vehicles out of our city with limited disruption. The one police vehicle in the front was not escorting in support of this rally & neither were the Police bikes and Motorcycles on the sides of it.”

He continued that officers have been advised that they cannot show support for Trump or his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, while in uniform and doing so could lead to discipline.

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