Despite COVID-19 ‘chaos,’ North Bergen nursing home hopeful better days are coming


Despite recent COVID-19 “chaos,” a North Bergen nursing home that has felt a heavy impact during this public health emergency remains hopeful better days are coming.

HudsonView Center for Rehab and Healthcare. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Through all of this chaos we can’t imagine the impact the separation from your loved ones has created in your lives. The simple need to physically visit, touch, or feed a loved one is unable to occur. For those who have suffered loss, the inability to properly say goodbye is heartbreaking,” the HudsonView Center for Rehab and Healthcare said in a letter to families of patients today.

“Our condolences and prayers are with the families and all those affected by this pandemic. Normal functions have had to change in order to reflect proper guidelines. We promise to do the best that we can and always remember that we are in this together.”

Yesterday, the New Jersey Department of Health released data indicating that HudsonView had the most coronavirus-related deaths in Hudson County, 25, and the second most cases, 93 (the Harborage, also in North Bergen, has 147).

Calling COVID-19 testing “limited” and PPEs “scarce,” the letter also asks the state and federal government for assistance, as well as thanking North Bergen Health Department Director Janet Castro for her continued efforts.

Sources with knowledge of the situation, who spoke under the condition of anonymity since they were not authorized to speak on the matter, said that the NJ DOH will be delivering tests to the facility before the end of the week and all patients are expected to be tested.

According to state records, the facility has 273 long-term beds, though they did not indicate how many are currently in use.

“As many can relate, ‘we cry in our hearts, yet smile beneath our masks.’ The fear and worry is consistent and much alive in our hearts as it is for everyone,” the letter added.

“There is no failure at Hudsonview or any healthcare location who follow and exceed guidelines. The spread of this virus is unknown and it’s spread has been unimaginable. Let’s continue to work on what we can control.”

Minutes ago, the NJ DOH said there are 406 coronavirus cases at long-term care facilities in Hudson County, up 10 from yesterday, and 72 deaths – three more than Monday – though they did not update individual statistics per location as of this writing.

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