DeGise vs. Stack: 5 final facts to know heading into HCDO chair vote in Kearny


Heading into the long awaited showdown between Amy DeGise and Brian Stack to determine the next chair of the Hudson County Democratic Organization, here are five final facts to consider before their 7 p.m. session begins. 

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

1. There are exactly 900 committee members eligible to vote:

Jersey City: 362
Bayonne: 102
Hoboken: 80
North Bergen: 78
Union City: 74
West New York: 58
Secaucus: 28
Weehawken: 20
Harrison: 22
Guttenberg: 12
East Newark: 42.

2. The doors of Kearny High School will close at 7 p.m., no exceptions. Credentialed media will be allowed inside, but will not be allowed in the auditorium where the vote is taking place.

3. A judge ruled that recently appointed members of the Jersey City Democratic Organization, somewhere between 25 and 30 (the order doesn’t specify) are allowed to vote. However, he also decided that he was not going to help dictate how the meeting is run, as Fulop and Stack allies had hoped for.

4. Whoever is elected HCDO chair will decide who has the line for the 2020 presidential elections, which should prevent most potential candidates on the fence for congress, freeholder and state senate from considering an off the line campaign.

5. Regardless who wins tonight, there will almost definitely still be a fight for county executive in June 2019. That post will be near the top of the ballot (below only the Assembly candidates) for next year’s Democratic primary and given the bad blood between both sides, hard to believe either will be willing to back down.

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