Cunningham, Chiaravalloti say that financial monitors are coming to Bayonne BOE


State Senator Sandra Cunningham and Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti (D-31) say that financial monitors from the New Jersey Department of Education are coming to the Bayonne Board of Education following their request late last month. Chiaravalloti-Cunningham

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am pleased that the Department of Education heeded our call for added scrutiny of Bayonne’s finances following the school district’s recent decision to eliminate nearly 300 jobs, mostly teachers,” Cunningham said in a statement.

“A monitor will provide direct oversight of the board’s operations to ensure that the education of our students is not in jeopardy due to any budgetary shortfalls.”

Along with Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, Cunningham and Chiaravalloti called for such an action from the state last month after the BOE approved 261 layoffs to combat a budget deficit of at least $6 million.

Expectedly, Chiaravalloti was also pleased with the latest development.

“The Commissioner’s decision to send a monitor to the district is good news for the students in Bayonne’s schools and the city’s taxpayers,” he said in the same statement.

“It will help us get to the bottom of the district’s finances and will hopefully provide solutions to provide our students with the quality education they deserve.”

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  1. These two clowns suddenly care about the kids. When the monitor finishes with Bayonne send them to the Jersey City school district where theyve spent over SIX BILLION dollars the last TEN years for failing schools. Then he can go to Union City, West New York and North Bergen. Please, spare us the dog and pony show. It`s Hudson County, NJ where anything goes. And it starts from the top with two hypocrites like you.