Cracked windshield and no license plates gets man busted for driving stolen car in Hoboken


A cracked windshield and no license plates got a New York man busted for driving a stolen car in Hoboken yesterday morning, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Juan Murillo-Herrera, 19, of Elmhurst, New York, was charged with receiving stolen property, according to Police Det. Lt. Danilo Cabrera.

Yesterday at approximately 10:44 a.m., Lt. Keith Rotondi observed a white Volkswagen traveling southbound at a high rate of speed in the area of 12th and Hudson Streets.

As the vehicle passed Rotondi, he observed the vehicle had no front or rear license plate and a cracked windshield. He then advised police communications of the vehicle.

Moments later, Police Officer Ramon Calderon observed the car traveling southbound on Sinatra Drive. Police Officer Dylan Archilla then located the vehicle in the area of 500 Sinatra Drive and conducted a motor vehicle stop with Police Officer Samuel Flores.

Additionally, Lt. Melissa Gigante and Sergeant William Bullock arrived and they conducted their on scene investigation. The vehicle was occupied by three adults, as well as two male teenagers, ages 17 and 15, both from Queens, New York.

One of the adults was identified Murillo-Herrera, who was driving the car, while the other two adults were 18 and 19 years old, also from Queens, New York.

After running the VIN, it was discovered that the vehicle was reported the day before carjacked by force out of Nassau County, New York. The vehicle was towed and all five occupants were transported to police headquarters.

Following the investigation, Murillo-Herrera was charged with receiving stolen property and a motor vehicle summons for improper display of plates. The charge was placed on a summons and he was released.

The four passengers were released without being charged with any offense, authorities said.

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