County Exec. Craig Guy: ‘Michael Russo needs to be part of the future of Hoboken’


Hudson County Executive Craig Guy said that “Michael Russo needs to be part of the future of Hoboken” at a fundraiser for the 3rd Ward councilman yesterday.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I know one thing, that’s when you call Michael, when you call Dr. Russo, and you call him on behalf of the Hoboken constituents, or he calls me, it’s never about Michael, it’s never about myself, it’s about the constituents that he serves,” Guy said on the second floor of the Metropolis restaurant on River Street.

“So everybody here should understand how hard Michael works for his 3rd Ward and for all of Hoboken … There’s probably a future in this room for for change in Hoboken … I don’t know if anyone else in this room might be part of that future, but I know one thing, Mike: Michael Russo need to be part of the future of Hoboken.”

During his remarks, Russo, the longest tenured councilman in the Mile Square City who was first elected in 2003, recounted a story of his late father Anthony Russo (mayor from 1993 until 2001) encountering Steve Cappiello (mayor from 1973 until 1985).

Just 10 years old at the time, Mike Russo recalled the tensions when his dad and Cappiello crossed paths on the street, where some choice words were exchanged.

However, he also mentioned that the next time they saw each other there was a friendly embrace that included exchanging some pleasantries.

“That was an amazing political lesson at the age of 10 years old, there was a discourse that doesn’t exist today. There was a discourse that people had mutual respect for each other, they cared about each other, and they cared about the great City of Hoboken.”

He said that he began to have a bleak outlook on politics in this country, state, county, and city in recent years since that decorum had become a thing of the past, though noted that changed when he ran against Ed Reep, who Mike Russo defeated in a landslide in November.

He commended Reep, who was in attendance, for running a respectful campaign and asked him to take a bow, which garnered applause.

The 3rd Ward councilman, an expected candidate for mayor next November who is yet to make any formal announcement, thanked developers on hand for providing affordable housing for middle-income residents, first responders for keeping the city safe, and educators for keeping the schools running efficiently.

“That’s what this night is about, it’s about the future of Hoboken and how we, in this room, and beyond this room, are partners in that. So look around and if you don’t know someone, introduce yourselves, because with your partnership, we’re gonna make major changes in this city,” Mike Russo explained.

“We’ll support those policies that work and we’ll throw out the policies that don’t. But it’s the people in this room and beyond that are gonna make those changes.”

Others in attendance included U.S. Rep. Rob Menendez (D-8), state Senator Raj Mukherji (D-32), Assemblywoman Barbara Stamato (D-31), who is also the Jersey City Democratic Organization chair, County Board of Commissioners Chair Anthony Romano (D-5), Hoboken council members Paul Presinzano, Ruben Ramos, and Emily Jabbour, Hoboken BOE Trustees Sharyn Angley, Malani Cademartori, Sheillah Dallara, and Chetali Khanna, ex-Hoboken Councilman Tony Soares, former West New York Mayor Felix Roque, and ex-Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, among many others.

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  1. Two crooks and an idiot. You figure out who’s who and I won’t even get in to the ass-kissin’ political types who shamed themselves at this “I wanna be da mayor” event. Even Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia couldn’t keep himself away.

    What is the common denominator between Guy & Russo? Crooked meetings with Solomon Dwek and lots of corrupt loot buying HudCo pols. How did Guy not only walk but walk away and keep the Fed’s payoff money.

    As for Russo, how he walked away remains suspect to this day. Everyone else at that Solomon Dwek lunch in Jersey City landed up in the clink. Except Russo.

  2. Yes, because the subreddits where people can post without identifying is the most reliable place to get to know someone compared with Michael who actually has spoken to and dealt with Ed and has first-hand knowledge of what type of person Ed is.

    • Frankly even Ed Reep did not think he was a real challenge to incumbent Councilman Michael Russo. That said he did put himself out there when even Mayor Bhalla with his reportedly deep pockets could not find anyone to run against Russo.
      Russo hoping that enough time has pasted that new Hoboken will not know of his and his families past and old Hoboken will remember.