UPDATED: WNY BOE President Vilma Reyes resigns in the midst of FBI probe


UPDATE: 9:04 p.m.

Now-former Board of Education President Vilma Reyes did not attend tonight’s meeting. A motion was passed to appoint a new president, but the nine-person board could not decide between Vice President Dr. Christine Piscitelli or trustee Steven Rodas.

Neither was able to secure a majority vote (five) from the board, so the matter will be voted on again at the September 10 meeting.

In a Hudson County View exclusive, West New York Board of Education President Vilma Reyes has resigned from the position today – in the middle of an ongoing FBI investigation.

When reached by Hudson County View this afternoon, Reyes said she was opting to spend more time with her family and declined to comment further.

As we reported last month Reyes and Angela Duval, another BOE trustee, was questioned by the FBI.

Days later, the FBI visited the board of education building at 6028 Broadway, with multiple sources indicating the investigation at least partially involves whether or not contracts were properly approved by the board at recent meetings. 

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  1. Thanks, John Heinis for being the first to publish this story. I must thank Trustee Duval for voting for Dr. Piscitelli and AGAINST Roque’s choice Steven Rodas for board President. I must also thank my opponent in the upcoming November 4th WNY Board of Education for 2 year unexpired term, Adam Parkinson, for abstaining on the vote for Roque choice Steven Rodas.

  2. If Parkinson abstained from voting for Roque/Rodas, it’s probably because he thought HE should be the new president. Didn’t Acosta and company try to make Parkinson vice president about 2 minutes after they appointed him?
    But Rodas is the new kid on the block, also appointed by Acosta and company, and he’s been diligently promoting the Roque agenda since he’s been on the board. So they will reward him by making him president. Ah, what principled people they are! NOT!!
    I wonder when Scarinci will get around to telling Roque to keep his dirty hands off the school board.