Coughlin takes another trip to Hoboken to view NHSA pump station improvements


Assembly Speaker (D-19) Craig Coughlin took another trip to Hoboken to view North Hudson Sewerage Authority pump station improvements on Monday.

Twitter photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Coughlin met up with Mayor Ravi Bhalla and Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro (D-33), whose district includes the Mile Square City, in light of the state budget including a $2.3 million NHSA allocation to accelerate the upgrades of their 5th Street pump station.

“Floods can be a problem for anyone: sometimes they’re a pain in the neck, sometimes they’re catastrophic and Hoboken has had their share of flooding challenges from things like Superstorm Sandy,” Coughlin said in a video released by the New Jersey Assembly Democrats today.

“So projects like this really matter: they matter for the people who live here and they matter for the people who work here and the people who own businesses here.”

This is the second time this summer that Coughlin made a trip to Hoboken, touring American Legion Post 107 to kick off Memorial Day Weekend.

Chaparro, who was also present at Post 107 in May, said that “this is a big day for us here in Hoboken” since “one flood just devastates the whole town.”

As for Bhalla, he said he was “honored” to work with Chaparro on this project, as well as for having Coughlin pay a visit to see what the money was actually going towards.

“This is critical infrastructure for the City of Hoboken, so making sure we approve the generator and also elevate the infrastructure itself to protect coastal surge and protect not just current Hoboken residents, but residents for generations to come.”

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  1. WOWEEE!!!!

    This is such an amazing accomplishment!

    Now let’s see if these pumps can suck the racist flier scandal straight into the Hudson.

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