Bhalla signs order mandating COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing for Hoboken employees


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has signed an executive order mandating the COVID-19 vaccine or weekly testing for municipal employees, following guidelines put in place for federal workers by President Joe Biden (D).

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The order indicates that employees who are not fully vaccinated by August 9th will be required to take and submit to the City weekly COVID-19 tests and wear a face covering in both indoor settings, as well as when interacting with the public.

“Given the recent increase of cases and the Delta variant in our region, the requirement we’re adopting today has become necessary to help keep our community safe,” Bhalla said in a statement.

“I ask all Hoboken businesses and companies to consider implementing similar measures, to protect their own employees and members of the public. The vaccines have been proven to be highly effective and I strongly encourage every person who has not yet done so, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

The U.S. Department of Justice said earlier this week that federal law does not prohibit private businesses or public agencies from imposing mandates of this nature.

“The vaccines have been proven effective and are saving lives,” began Hoboken University Medical Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Rimmer.

“With the spread of the Delta variant – we are all faced with two options – get the vaccine, or inevitably get the virus. Without question, the vaccine is currently the safer option.”

The city is continuing to offer weekly testing and vaccine clinics to anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Hoboken.

The Hoboken Health Department will provide free vaccinations to all municipal employees on Tuesday, August 4, through Medicine Man Pharmacy at 605 Jackson St. from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Further information on Hoboken COVID-19 testing can be found here, with vaccine information available here.

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  1. On the same day the vaxed are seen hosting the CCP virus the same as people not axed and another massive lie from Dr. Fauci and co., the illicit funder of the Wuhan bioweapon is exposed, here’s Ravi jumping right on the totalitarian train.

    The vax is proven effective in the development of variants using humans as the incubators in development. Look it up “doctor.” It’s also proven very effective in damaging the hearts of youths who don’t need any such vax. That’s permanent damage not temporary. The deaths of thousands is the beginning not the end. Clotting isn’t over, it’s also a beginning. The beginning of the end for who knows how many? Then there’s the bleeding in women. On and on the experiment goes.

    Is anyone surprised that Ravi would sign first on the dotted line for tyranny?

    Will Ravi be the first to host a call in for troops to suppress Hoboken people like they did for minimal cases in Australia?

    Why are Hoboken employees being pushed to take an experimental and failed vax at all? The Hoboken hospital is completely empty of CCP Virus patients. The state of NJ has seen only single digit fatalities for weeks.

    This is all for your health. Ravi and the government care about you. Yeah, I believe that.

  2. Everybody w/a modicum of intelligence knows this vaxxine is bad shiite! Just like this medical dictatorship… All the mayor knows is that someone else told him it was a good idea…so, if somethin’ bad happens he ain’t responsible!….
    Minnesota medical worker has both of her legs AMPUTATED after contracting COVID-19 just days after receiving her second vaccine dose…(both hands R next!—microscopic! blood clots!)
    & she is a religious woman, tooo! Can only be asking God why did U do this to me!!!!
    Ps: the manufacturer has no liability for this!
    the picture won’t post…U can pull it up & send it to him…”We can’t be 100% sure! it is the vaxxine!”