Bhalla rules out 8th District congressional run: ‘I’m 100% committed’ to the residents of Hoboken


Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla has ruled out an 8th District congressional run in light of U.S. Rep. Albio Sires’ retirement, indicating “I’m 100% committed to serving the residents of Hoboken as Mayor.”

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“While I’m honored and humbled to have been approached by members of the Sikh and South Asian community, along with other stakeholders to run for Congress, I’m 100% committed to serving the residents of Hoboken as Mayor,” Bhalla tweeted.

“There’s still a great deal to do the next four years, especially in the midst of a global health pandemic, and I look forward to continued public service in City Hall.”

Bhalla did not return calls or a text message seeking further comment, but he told The New Jersey Globe he looked forward to supporting the Hudson County Democratic Organization and has no plans to run for Congress.

For the moment, the HCDO appears poised to put Robert Menendez, Jr. on the line next June.

The son of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ, who works as an attorney and also serves as a Port Authority commissioner, already has the support of Sires, state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack, among others.

Stack is thus far the only mayor to come out in support of Menendez, Jr., though Sires just announced he’d be retiring yesterday.

Regardless if another well-known commodity from within the part decides to run, the progressive branch of the local Dems have vowed not to let this be an uncontested race.

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  1. Oh no!! A HUGE lump of coal in the Xmas stocking of all the anti-Bhalla bots! What will they do, now that one of their main wackadoodle talking points has been blown out of the water??

    • They don’t believe in the vaccines. They believe in ivermectin and hcq. They believe any crackpot right-wing media over the CDC and any quack doctor over the preponderance of medical data. They believe Trump won.

      They believe what they believe because they like to believe it. Not because there’s any proof.

      So they will continue to believe what they like about Bhalla. They will continue to repeat it without evidence or proof. It makes them feel relevant. They are too dumb to see that this is exactly why they are no longer relevant.

      • There’s global studies on the success of HCQ therapies and Ivermectin. Ignorance doesn’t make you intelligent. It just makes you exposed. Far too late to get all butt hurt with your politics interfering with science saving lives. No one cares about your stupid political agenda.

        Since January, families have been taking hospitals to court in order to have dying family members given Ivermectin. They are winning and many of those people even in the face of hospital objections to court orders have won and seen their family members recover!

        That continues in states across the country. Tony Fauci and his Big Pharma friends can’t suppress effective and inexpensive treatments. They will get their criminal due.

        Oh and I have proof about your criminal boss and his inside job terror flier. I’m not the only one.

        Dr. Harvey Risch, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. He says therapeutics, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, can be highly effective against COVID when they are deployed early on and in combination with different medications.

  2. Hahahahaha, no. Ravi wanted to get Albio’s seat or a judgeship. So far, he’s come up empty. He’s so committed to Hoboken, one of his first acts as mayor was to take a second job with a Republican law firm. Some call it a second job; others called it a scam. He spends all his time dividing people for political gain and he tried to put in an insane mask fine against Hoboken. Not only anti-science it’s pure utter fascism.

    Hey, Ravi no more terror fliers at election time, please. Oh and did you tell Dawn you’re going to make Michael Russo your best buddy and put him in as City Council President? She should know.

    • Mommy come back. Mommy come and make everything better. Even though you’ve been out of office for 3 elections I can only think about you mommy. Everything is your fault. But you can fix it mommy. Wipe away my tears mommy. Make everything better mommy.

    • A deal is a deal. Next I get six votes on the council and have a super majority. Then I run everything until I take over as mayor. Ravi is the kindest, warmest human being I have ever known.

  3. LMAOOOO how Stack got Bhalla to cave in against his own town’s development then Stack squashed him by supporting Menendez.

    Where will Ravi go next? Fulup’s administrative assistant Pagoda?