Bayonne’s O’Donnell taps bar owner Kuhl as 2nd Ward council candidate


Former Assemblyman and now Bayonne mayoral hopeful Jason O’Donnell has tapped popular city bar owner Kevin Kuhl as his 2nd Ward council candidate ahead of the May 2018 municipal elections.

Kevin Kuhl

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I’ve lived in Bayonne my entire life and I’ve never seen out of control development like what we’ve seen the past few years,” Kuhl said in a statement.

“Handing out tax breaks for these rich, out of town developers has not only created constant construction and insane traffic everywhere, it costs taxpayers long term and has done nothing to fix the lack of parking Bayonne residents have to deal with every day throughout the city.”

Kuhl added that he decided to run with O’Donnell, who he’s known for many years, to “fight to get our city back on track.”

Kuhl’s Tavern is well-recognized in the Peninsula City. The establishment was chosen to take part in the celebration for the Bayonne Fire Department’s 100th Anniversary, while Kuhl has been in charge of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade after party for 25 years.

Additionally, Kuhl is also on the Board of Directors for the Bayonne Friends of Special Children, an organization providing various services to families of handicapped individuals.

This committee is well-known for their annual picnic, which welcomes thousands of “special children” and their families.

“Kevin Kuhl and his family have created and cultivated a small business in Bayonne that has become a fixture of the community,” added O’Donnell.

“Kevin will be an invaluable resource as a member of the City Council because he’s worked hard every day for our community, giving his time to charity and fighting like the rest of us to get the most out of every dollar he’s earned.”

O’Donnell further stated that he and Kuhl are on the same page when it comes to halting “giving away taxpayer money to rich developers.”

Late last month, O’Donnell revealed that he veteran educator Dan Ward had joined his council slate as an at-large candidate.

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