Bayonne teachers union fills 3 BOE seats, new contract now looks promising


In a tumultuous Bayonne Board of Education election that featured 20 names on the ballot, three candidates backed by the teachers union claimed victory, giving hope for a new teachers’ contract.

Joseph Broderick, Ava Finnerty, Chris Munoz

By Jeannette Josue/Hudson County View

It’s the first time in 35 years the Bayonne Board of Education held elections with a total of 20 candidates (although Nancy Solis said she was no longer running last week) for five vacant seats.

Out of the eight candidates vying for three, three-year terms, incumbent Chris Piechocki, who was endorsed by Mayor Jimmy Davis, and Joseph Broderick and Ava Finnerty – who were endorsed by the Bayonne Teachers Association – were declared victorious.

Out of the six candidates vying for a two-year term, Chris Munoz, who was also endorsed by BTA, won a very tightly contested affair.

Munoz received 1,092 votes, which was 22.65 percent of the vote, just edging out Michael Alonso and Thomas Howard, Jr. – who received 974 and 973 votes, respectively.

Denis Wilbeck, who was also endorsed by Davis as a member of the Kids First slate along with Piechocki, won the one-year term in a blowout.

Wilbeck, a retired educator who now works as a college referee, won by a nearly 3-to-1 margin, earning 2,117 votes. His closest challenger was David Solari, who received just 824 votes.

Alan D’Angelo, President of the Bayonne Teachers Association and Jeff Meyer, the Kids First campaign manager, did not return multiple requests seeking comment.

Board of Education – Bayonne

51/51 100.00%

Patrick J. McManus 758 5.65%

Mary Jane Desmond 1,880 14.00%

Leonard R. Kantor 1,448 10.79%

Joseph Broderick 2,692 20.05%

Christopher Piechocki 2,050 15.27%

John R. Cupo 584 4.35%

Barry C. Kushnir 1,284 9.56%

Nancy Solis 478 3.56%

Ava J. Finnerty 2,230 16.61%

Personal Choice 21 0.16%

Total 13,425 100.00%

Board of Education – Bayonne 2 YR Unexpired

51/51 100.00%

Frank Pellitteri 714 14.81%

Michael J. Alonso 974 20.20%

Thomas Howard Jr. 973 20.18%

Gina Irizarry 793 16.45%

Christos M. Genes 273 5.66%

Christopher Munoz 1,092 22.65%

Personal Choice 3 0.06%

Total 4,822 100.00%

Board of Education – Bayonne 1 YR Unexpired

51/51 100.00%

David Solari 824 16.71%

Rafael Augusto 789 16.00%

John Butchko 752 15.25%

Deborah Peveler Segura 447 9.06%

Denis F. Wilbeck 2,117 42.92%

Personal Choice 3 0.06%

Total 4,932 100.00%


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