Bayonne Public Schools will resume in-person learning on May 3rd, superintendent says


The Bayonne Public Schools will resume in-person learning on May 3rd, Superintendent of Schools John Niesz wrote in a letter to the school community yesterday.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Effective May 3, 2021 the Bayonne School District will return to in-person instruction.
As we plan for our students’ return we will send a parent survey on Monday, March 15,
2021,” the letter says.

“The results of the survey will inform us on how many students will return to in-person instruction and what model of hybrid instruction we will offer. Parents will continue to have the right to continue all remote learning for their child.”

At the end of February, Niesz said that virtual learning would continue through March, citing the spread of COVID-19 among school staff as the primary reason.

Now, the superintendent says that reopening is more feasible with Mayor Jimmy Davis, the city council, and the board of education working together to get teachers and other school employees vaccinated.

“The time frame of vaccinations will allow our employees to be fully vaccinated by our opening date. This along with all of our safety precautions (air filters, personal protective equipment, desk dividers, social distancing, aggressive cleaning protocols, e.t.c.) will allow us to return safely to a hybrid model that will allow social distancing for the remainder of the school year,” Niesz wrote in the letter.

“Please look for our survey on Monday, March 15, 2021 that will be sent to parents/
guardians. The answers you provide will allow us to plan our opening model of in-person
instruction and inform our community accordingly.”

The Jersey City Public Schools are planning to bring students back to the classrooms during the fourth marking period, potentially as early as April 22nd, and the city will be allocating all of their vaccines to school staff next week to help facilitate that.

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