Hoboken Housing Authority secures funding to do $1M renovation at Fox Hill Gardens


The Hoboken Housing Authority has secured the funding to do approximately $1 million worth of renovations at the Fox Hill Gardens, a complex reserved for senior and disabled residents.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Located at 311 13th St., Fox Hill will be the first HHA building to transfer its funding stream to a federal called Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD).

The conversion utilizes the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Rental RAD program, a broad-range effort to preserve federally-subsidized affordable housing.

“Our success in moving Fox Hill Gardens to the RAD Program assures that our families will receive the improvements to their building and apartments that they so richly deserve, and the assurance to all current and future families that they will have a safe, secure, and quality living environment for years into the future,” HHA Executive Director Marc Recko said in a statement.

RAD is helping to address the capital backlog in the public housing program through leveraging the private sector to preserve affordable housing, serve more eligible households, and maximize the impact of scarce federal resources.

Furthermore, utilization of the RAD program by HHA will provide long-term financial stability needed to preserve, maintain, and improve the Fox Hill Gardens.

“The Fox Hill conversion is the first step in a larger transition of the Hoboken Housing Authority to the RAD program. We look forward to working with our HHA residents, along with the entire Hoboken community, as we plan and implement the renovation and redevelopment of our 1,353 units across our city,” added HHA Chair Dave Mello.

The improvements that will be made possible by this transition will include kitchen cabinet replacement, painting, significant exterior façade repairs, curtain wall repairs including insulation updates, appliance replacement, as well as plumbing and electrical fixture updates.

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