Bayonne police union will vote on status of sergeant charged with computer theft in ’22


The Bayonne Police Superior Officers Association (SOA) will vote on the status of a sergeant who was charged with computer theft for using a law enforcement database for his personal use in 2022 at tomorrow’s meeting.

Bayonne Police Sgt. Richard Killmer. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … We will conduct a special meeting to determine Sergeant [Richard] Killmer’s status with the SOA going forward. This is probably the most important meeting we have ever had and I encourage all to attend and place your vote,” SOA President Capt. Michael Kubert, Jr. wrote to members in an email obtained by HCV.

“Only the members that are in attendance for the entirety of the meeting will be allowed to vote with dispensation for the members who are on duty.”

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow evening at the Knight of Columbus, located at 669 Avenue C.

Killmer, who joined the department in 2012 was promoted to sergeant in 2018, entered into the Pre-Trial Intervention [PTI] program on December 5th, 2022 in Hudson County Superior Court in hopes of getting the charge dismissed after one year.

The department issued Killmer a 180-day suspension and a loss of promotional opportunity as punishment, according to the Bayonne Police Department’s 2023 Annual Major Discipline Report.

Out of the five officers named in last year’s report, which is mandated to be made public by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, he is the only one still with the department, as only HCV reported.

Kubert did not return an email seeking comment on Tuesday.

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