Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis calls failed recall effort ‘a political maneuver’


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis is referring to a failed recall effort as “a political maneuver” after the deadline for the team to submit valid signatures passed today. Jimmy Davis

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Today’s result confirms what I and many others believed all along: This was a political maneuver brought on by a small group that, since day one, sought to distract our citizens and our government from the things that really matter,” Davis said in a statement released this evening.

“Things like open government, development, infrastructure improvements, public safety, and improving the quality of life. Those are the things that matter. They failed because, while it is easy to say that you are against something, you have to demonstrate what you believe in and look to achieve.”

Davis added that the group “never gave anyone any reason to believe in them or their cause” and referred to the endeavor as “an attempt to divide our community.”

In April, the team of perennial Republican candidate for office Michael Alonso, resident Donald Baran, Jr. and Pat Desmond, a childhood friend of Davis, received approval from the city clerk’s office to collect signatures to ultimately force a special election in May 2017.

The three-person team had 160 days to gather 8,128 valid signatures from registered voters in the city, which is 25 percent of the voters registered for the 2014 general election.

Desmond, a veteran political operative, declined to talk about the failed recall attempt over the phone, but expressed an interest in doing an on-camera interview tomorrow.

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