Bayonne fire victims who lost parents/grandparents seeking help for recovery


A family that was devastated by the Bayonne four-alarm fire at East 21st Street yesterday, losing their parents on the mother’s side – who were also grandparents to four children – are asking for help from the  public in recovering from the blaze. 

Photo via GoFundMe.
Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“My nephew Shawn Zegular and his wife Patricia Angelini were the victims of a fire that ripped through their home in Bayonne this morning. They not only lost everything but his wife also lost her parents,” wrote Annarose Wares Smith on a GoFundMe page she started for her nephew’s family.

“The four children got out safely but one of their 6 year old [sic] twin boys had to be resuscitated and taken by helicopter to a hospital where as he is being treated for smoke inhalation. Pat’s 89 year old [sic] grandmother and a cousin were also sent to the hospital with burns they suffered,” she added.

The fire ripped through a three-story apartment complex early Saturday morning, where five were reportedly found unconscious – though only three made it to the hospital: a couple, 64, and 65, respectively, were pronounced dead.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis expressed his sympathies to the fire victims in a tweet he sent out yesterday morning:

Davis fire tweet

“I’m asking whatever anyone can donate will help this family out in a big way. Please open up your hearts, pray and any donation whatever it may be will help. Thank You and May God Bless You. Always,” Smith concluded in the write up.

The page, which has been up for less than a day, aims to raise $10,000 for the family. A separate GoFundMe page that looks to fundraise $20,000 for each and every victim of the fire can be seen here.

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