Bayonne City Hall closed for the day after nearby construction causes water main break


Bayonne City Hall is closed for the day after nearby construction causes a water main break, shutting off the water supply in the building.

Photo courtesy of Tony Campano.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Due to the current water situation in the midtown area, City Hall is closed for the day. We will reopen tomorrow. Thank you for your patience,” Mayor Jimmy Davis tweeted an hour ago.

Bayonne Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Edoardo “Junior” Ferrante explained over the phone that private construction work was being done near the BCB Bank at the intersection of 26th Street and Avenue C.

“Unfortunately when they opened it up, the leak was much larger than anticipated, which required [water] service in the area to be shut down,” he said over the phone.

“Due to the fact that there was no water at City Hall, it was best just to close the building for the rest of the day.”

As a result, buildings on West 26th Street between Broadway and Avenue C and on Avenue C from 26th to 28th Streets will be without water for a little while longer – with repairs expected to finish no later than 4 p.m., Ferrante said.

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