Bayonne Mayor Davis praises Chiaravalloti, McKnight victory in LD-31


Bayonne Mayor Davis says voters showed “a high level of confidence” in the Democratic duo of District 31 Assembly-elects Nick Chiaravalloti & Angela McKnight on Election Day.

Davis, McKnight, Nick

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I am extremely happy with the way the election results turned out,” Davis said in a statement.

“While it is nice to know that our team carried both Bayonne and Jersey City by several-thousand vote margins, it is even more comforting to know that this District will finally have a full legislative team in Trenton that is willing to engage in open dialogue with the public they will serve.”

Chiravalloti and McKnight beat Republican upstart Matthew Kopko by a margin of about 2.5-to-1, overcoming a no holds bared campaign by the Bayonne attorney.

“This victory shows the high level of confidence people have in both Nicholas’ and Angela’s abilities to govern. As we look to the future, I am excited to work with them as we look to take on big issues and improve the quality of life of our shared constituencies,” Davis concluded.

The 29-year-old Kopko lost badly in Jersey City, but fared more respectably in the Peninsula City.

Unofficial vote tallies show that Kopko actually narrowly defeated Chiaravalloti in Ward 3 by 150 votes, and lost to the new Assemblyman by about 300 votes each in Wards 1 and 2.

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