Bayonne BOE candidate Chris Munoz guarantees transparency if elected


Chris Munoz, a Bayonne Board of Education candidate seeking a two-year term, believes that transparency and communication with parents is missing from the current board.


The candidate recounted his experience attending a board meeting and described how only one agenda was available to the public during the meeting and it was posted on cork board outside the auditorium. He stated that those in attendance had to take notes of any issues they wanted to address.

“That’s their version of transparency,” said Munoz.

“I would like to see all board of education agendas to be posted 24 hours before a scheduled meeting so the Bayonne community can get informed, look at the issues, and be able to show up.”

Munoz told Hudson County View how he would address the problem of Bayonne being one of the most underfunded districts, striving to improve their education system.

He also listed his credentials as the ideal candidate as an educator, a vice president of a local teacher’s association, possessing experience with curriculum writing in Hoboken, as well as being a taxpayer in Bayonne.

“Any board that has control of a $120 million plus budget should be held accountable to the taxpayers in Bayonne.”

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