Attributing 56 to backlog, Hoboken discloses 473 COVID-19 cases, no new fatalities


After indicating that backlog would impact their COVID-19 statistics for Saturday, Hoboken is disclosing 473 COVID-19 cases and no new fatalities.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“On Friday, the Hoboken Health Department was notified of five additional positive COVID-19 cases, and an additional five positive cases today. We also entered approximately 56 backlogged cases as of last Thursday, bringing Hoboken’s total to 473 known, positive cases,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in his daily coronavirus update

“In other words, the daily number of confirmed positive tests for the past week were under reported by approximately 8 cases [per day]. The number of fatalities due to COVID-19 fortunately remains unchanged, with 23 in Hoboken.”

The mayor also provided a week by week comparison of confirmed COVID-19 cases, indicating that even with the back log error, the past seven days yielded the least amount of new patients (84) since March.

“This data suggests that we may have passed the apex with a flattening of the curve,” Bhalla added.

“We need to continue seeing this trend over the next couple weeks to confirm this, as this apparent downward trend could be impacted with a number of factors including more residents being tested. The numbers do, however, appear to show progress for Hoboken.”

On Wednesday, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis said that he believed the Peninsula City had flattened the curve.

Earlier today, Hoboken officials also revealed that door to door COVID-19 testing would be available for seniors starting next week thanks to a partnership with PromptMD.

This afternoon, the New Jersey Department of Health reported that there are 13,367 positive coronavirus cases in Hudson County and 655 deaths, the second and third most in the state by county, respectively.

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