Attorney: Mayor Brian Stack abused his power against ICE agent Ricky Patel


Hudson County View sat down with attorney Thomas Mallon, who is representing ICE agent Ricky Patel, in a federal lawsuit against his former neighbor: state Senator of the 33rd District/Union City Mayor Brian Stack.


Filed on November 26, through Mallon, Patel alleges in the suit that Stack repeatedly harassed him, even having him detained by local police, shortly after the FBI’s raid of the Union City City Hall in November 2012.

Mallon said that Patel called Union City police shortly after the notice was placed on his vehicle and asked a neighbor sitting in her car, which happened to be Stack’s girlfriend, what was going on – which then caused a raucous where Stack and the police department showed up.

Mallon also noted that Patel’s superiors recommended that he leave the apartment as a result of the run-ins with Stack, and although he was comfortable living in the residence, he decided moving out was his best option.

Given the magnitude of the lawsuit, I had a number of questions for Mallon, including why the two-year statute of limitations nearly expired before the suit was filed.

When I said that Stack supporters had pointed out that the bad blood between Stack and Patel escalated after Patel did not identify himself as a member of law enforcement, Mallon indicated that notion was completely incorrect.

Furthermore, Mallon said that Patel faced an internal affairs investigation over the incident where he was detained by Union City police and was exonerated at the conclusion of the probe.

I concluded by asking Mallon if he had any reaction to Stack telling NJ Advance Media he may countersue over this “publicity stunt.” Stack did not return calls seeking comment.

A copy of the lawsuit can be read here.

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