Assemblyman Garcia: I’m going to sue the HHA for wrongful termination


District 33 Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, the former Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director, spoke with Hudson County View to challenge some of the remarks HHA Chairwoman Dana Wefer made in an interview with us last week – also stating he will sue the HHA for wrongful termination.


Garcia said he wanted to clear the air about the generator installation, saying the money has been in the budget for this endeavor for quite a while but the board did not want to move on it.

Furthermore, Garcia insisted that the budget the board adopted last month is very similar to the one he helped draft.

As far as the upcoming annual HUD review goes, Garcia indicated that while it may not go favorably, the HHA has been deemed a substandard housing authority for many years now.

Finally, Garcia confirmed that although he already has pending litigation against the HHA, he still plans on filing a wrongful termination suit against the governing body, which fired him in August, in the immediate future.

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