Assembly Speaker Prieto praises Senate for overriding Christie gun bill veto


Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) is praising his counterparts in the state Senate for overriding Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) veto of a gun bill that would require local law enforcement to be notified before the expungement of mental health records of prospective gun buyers. 

Vincent Prieto

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“It’s always a good day for New Jersey when elected officials put aside politics and do the right thing for the people. That’s what happened in the Senate, and I look forward to it happening soon in the Assembly,” Prieto said in a statement.

Minutes ago, the Senate overrode Christie’s veto by a vote of 27-12.

“The Assembly voted 74-0 in June to approve this bill. The Republican leader, Jon Bramnick, is a lead sponsor of the bill. This bill defines common sense. We all agree that mental health concerns are a big part of improving gun safety.”

Prieto concluded by stating that there is “no logical reason” why the Assembly wouldn’t follow the lead set by the Senate.

“Considering all that, I see no logical reason why the Assembly wouldn’t vote to override this misguided veto and turn this bill into law. I plan to talk to the sponsors and announce further plans in the coming weeks.”

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