A war uprooted by the Hispanic Heritage Parade in Bayonne


A cultural parade is the root of rivalry between two Hispanic committees: the Bayonne Hispanic Association and Circulo Hispano Americano.


The basis of the disagreement between the two organizations is that Circulo Hispano Americano requested to host a rival Hispanic parade two weeks before the Bayonne Hispanic Association Organization requested date on September 27.

The Bayonne Hispanic Association has hosted the cultural parade in Bayonne for the last 12 years.

The history between the two groups is they all once worked together at the Bayonne Hispanic Association, including president of Circulo Hispano Americano, Victor Pesantez.

Kenneth Ortiz addressed the Bayonne city council on behalf of Bayonne Hispanic Association president, Abett Hernandez, claiming threatening texts were sent from Victor Pesantez after Ms. Hernandez requested to address Bayonne City Council on the Hispanic Heritage parade. He was shocked to hear that another organization would request a date for an additional Hispanic parade so close to theirs.

Ramon Veloz was the first to speak for the Circulo Hispano Americano. He claims Mr. Ortiz should be shocked since he has never seen him at any of the parades in Bayonne.

Mr. Pesantez was not welcomed by the crowd to address the council.

Town Clerk, Robert Sloan, addressed the public immediately since Mr. Pesantez was not listed as one of the speakers on the May 20, 2015 agenda.

Mr. Pesantez made it clear that he wanted to meet outside city council because he felt the situation should be handled between the two groups. “We are not baby groups,” said Pesantez.

He also told Hudson County View that the difference between the two committees. “The purpose of this organization was to give more information to the people,” pertaining to the Obama administration and the changes with the immigration process, “her organization is about the parade.”

Bayonne Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski reminded the two organizations that approving parades is not done through municipal council. And their last recourse would be to make sure they have submitted their requests “which will then be handled by the proper offices in Bayonne. “

Ms. Hernandez also spoke to Hudson County View stating “that there was indeed a problem with the committee last year.” Hinting that there will be another process made in the near future against Circulo Hispano Americano.

She also alleges embezzlement by Circulo Hispano Americano to Ruben Arana. She provided Hudson County view with copies of a checks and including that of a $300.00 to Danza Regional, an organization that she claims “does not exist.”

She also provided a copy of a check that was cut for a different billing amount made to Mr. Arana.

Although both committees admitted they would like to work together, an exchange of words between the two parties caused the Bayonne police to get involved.

According to Ms, Hernandez, the group threatened her that she will be going to jail.

Mr. Pesantez provided Hudson County View with a statement explaining that Bayonne Hispanic Association started the back and forth by saying they will be taking them to court.

A call was placed to the Bayonne police desk, but they said there were no reports filed for the incident.

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  1. Good morning!
    Regarding about the Hispanic organizations .
    First: Should be a Diplomatic process and discussions.
    Second: should be transparent with the government and community.
    Third: should be a commitment for the benefits of the city of Bayonne(in general)
    Four: If there are any problems or irregularities then both parties should take them to the proper forum.
    Five: My voice,your voice and the real facts count.
    Thank you family and have a great week.