50-year-old Brooklyn man arrested in fatal Hoboken hit-and-run


Mark T. Nicholas, 50, of Brooklyn, was charged in the fatal Hoboken hit-and-ran accident of a 21-year-old Ramsey man last month.

Ken Ferrante

By Jeannette Josue/Hudson County View

Nicholas, who was originally arrested for marijuana charges, was later found to be the driver of a black SUV that was involved with the crash, according to Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante.

Zackhary Simmons was struck by a black Cadillac Escalade SUV on Willow Avenue and 6th Street around 3:30 a.m. on June 25 after leaving a friend’s birthday party that evening.

The vehicle was seen fleeing the scene in a neighborhood surveillance video released by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office.

The victim was the cousin of the Ben Simmons, the first pick in this year’s NBA draft.

According to Ferrante, Hoboken is strongly pushing and working towards better pedestrian safety such as curb bump outs and speed patrols.

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