3 Hoboken officials recognized as ‘Distinguished Emerging Planners’ by NJAPA


Three Hoboken officials were received the “Distinguished Emerging Planner Award” by the New Jersey chapter of the American Planning Association earlier this month.

Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Director of Transportation and Parking Ryan Sharp, Director of Environmental Services/Chief Sustainability Officer Jennifer Gonzalez, and Chief Resilience Officer Caleb Stratton were informed that they had won on October 14th, according to the APA’s website.

“All three planners have worked tirelessly to advance and implement sound planning principles and have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the field of planning by advancing smart growth and sustainable development strategies which have made Hoboken an example of sustainability and resilience on an international level,” according to a copy of their nominating application.

“All three have participated in either national or international conferences to speak about Hoboken’s plans, projects, programs or policies.”

Sharp has worked on the Vision Zero effort to eliminate pedestrian fatalities, Gonzalez manages the city’s sanitation and recycling program, and Stratton has been an integral part of the the $230 million Rebuild by Design flood preparedness program.

“I’m extremely proud to have such accomplished individuals serving in leadership positions in the City of Hoboken,” added Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

“Jennifer, Ryan and Caleb are a big reason why we are moving forward on so many projects that have substantially improved the quality of life for Hoboken residents, and also recognized at the international level. Hoboken is a leader in resiliency and innovation thanks to their contributions to our City, and I extend my congratulations to them for this impressive recognition.”

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  1. All nice folk, but how about solving the parking problem, the dirty streets and saving Washington St retail?

    Those who can DO, those who can’t PLAN

    • More than just nice folk people they people who actually worked hard and have gotten good things done for Hoboken.

      Those who can do, those who can’t make nasty little shots on the internet.

  2. Before Dawn suspiciously declined to run for a 3rd term ( month after a huge fundraiser…) and took a job with an energy company she would talk about Observer being “the most dangerous road in the county!!” within days of the new Observer being open a man was killed crossing from South to North as parkers must now open car doors into the street.
    So we hear about fatalities decreasing but what are the actual statistics? Has any pedestrian been killed here in last 10 years?

  3. I hope those three are planning their exit and have figured a way to take Ravi with them. The more they plan, the more disgusting Hoboken becomes. No parking, overdevelopment, filthy streets and parks , and dangerous sidewalks. This is their legacy. Keep your award. It’s meaningless.

    • I hope you are planning to get much needed professional psychological help delusions and all consuming hatred.
      Does disparaging and slandering others some how make you feel better about yourself ?

      • I guess you just can’t handle the truth. Hoboken IS filthy, mismanaged and overdeveloped and the three planners are part of the problem. Face it, the Bhalla administration is inept.

        • The truth is that Hoboken is cleaner, better managed and has been able to control development better than other municipalities in northern New Jersey. The underlying anger and distortions in your posts makes me repeat my advice that you are in need of professional psychological help.