Sigourney Weaver stuns North Bergen students by paying a visit to their ‘Alien’ play


Sci-Fi Queen Sigourney Weaver stunned the cast and crew of the North Bergen High School’s “Alien” play by paying them a surprise visit during tonight’s encore performance.

(Click on picture to watch video, view in full screen so it is not distorted.)

“I’m so excited right now and I’m representing all the ‘Alien’ fans all over the universe: we see what you’re doing it’s so cool and so important,” she said in a short Facebook Live video posted on Mayor Nick Sacco’s page.

Weaver played Lt. Ellen Ripley in the 1979 Ridley Scott classic and the performance earned her an Academy Award nomination. She also reprised the role for three sequels.

This evening marked the 40th anniversary of when the original film debuted on the big screen and encore performances of the play were essentially demanded after pictures and videos went viral last month.

Scott has also praised the performance and said that the North Bergen High School’s drama club should consider producing an adaptation of “Gladiator” next.

While the media was invited to attend the performance, filming of the play itself was not permitted.

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