2 Hoboken men busted on heroin charges at housing authority, one for 2nd time since May


Two Hoboken men were busted on heroin charges at the local housing authority, one for the second time since May, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Frederick Ladson, 52, of Hoboken, faces three heroin distribution charges, including within 500 feet of public housing and within 1,000 feet of a school zone, possession with intent to distribute, along with the same charges for cocaine distribution, according to Police Det. Lt. Jonathan Mecka.

Additionally, Albert Stone, 36, of Hoboken, was charged with possession of heroin.

Yesterday at approximately 6:40 p.m., the Hoboken Police Department Street Crimes Unit conducted an investigation in the area of 3rd and Harrison Streets. During that time, they observed Ladson sell suspected heroin to Stone.

After they witnessed the sale, detectives and uniform patrol worked together to stop them. First, Stone was stopped in the area of 3rd and Jackson Street by Officers Anthony Olivera and Joseph Spano.

During their on-scene investigation, he Stone was placed under arrest for possessing nine wax folds believed to contain heroin. Based on this, he was transported to police headquarters where his was processed on a warrant.

After this arrest, detectives made their way to the area of 3rd and Harrison Street in an effort to catch Ladson. Upon arriving, Det. Sergeant William Collins, along Dets/ Ryan Houghton, Fabian Quinones, Connor Milne, stopped him.

During the on-scene investigation, he was placed under arrest for selling heroin Stone. He additionally possessed 37 wax folds believed to contain heroin and 9 small plastic bags containing white rock-like substance believed to be cocaine.

Ladson also had cash on him, which was seized by the Hoboken Police Department as a nexus to his illegal drug distribution.

Both Mr. Stone and Mr. Ladson were both transported to headquarters where they were processed on warrants. After the arrest process was complete, they were transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility, authorities said.

Ladson was arrested by the street crimes unit in a separate housing authority drug bust where six were charged in May.

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