1,000 Hoboken customers received high NHSA bills due to 2 meter readings


Approximately 1,000 Hoboken customers received a high 2nd quarter bill from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority due to having two meter readings performed instead of one, officials said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“NHSA is aware of many accounts that have had two-meter readings done from Veolia Water. Since a meter reading was done in Jan and one in March, this has resulted in a higher-than-normal usage,” NHSA Assistant Billing Supervisor Sharon Jicha told HCV in an email.

“Many of these properties do not receive a monthly meter reading and their meter readings are done quarterly. Please review your Veolia Water Bill or you may set up a time to discuss further. This situation is affecting some accounts from Hoboken only. If the next quarterly bill comes in with a zero use or reading, we will be charging only the facility charge per unit.”

A message recently posted on the NHSA’s website further explained that the error occurred when Veolia Water changed the dates of their meter readings, which led to two readings being charged in the same quarter.

Additionally, the message says the amount charged is correct, though it is for two quarters, six months, instead of one quarter, which would be three months. They also indicated that Veolia had told them the matter has been resolved and should not happen again.

Veolia spokesman Chris Halleron explained that NHSA manages the sewer system and billing in Hoboken, though their billing is calculated based on water usage reports provided  by Veolia.

Veolia does not manage the sewer system in Hoboken. North Hudson Sewerage Authority (NHSA) manages the sewer system and the billing for that system. NHSA billing is calculated by the authority based on water usage reports provided by Veolia.

“NHSA has communicated with Veolia that water meters read by Veolia at the end of the first quarter billing cycle reportedly assessed second quarter charges on to that first quarter NHSA bill,” he said in his own email.

“These charges were only assessed to certain customers, based on NHSA billing practices. Veolia will continue working with NHSA to determine the best path forward so that this issue does not repeat itself.”

Any Hoboken residents with any billing questions or concerns are urged to contact the NHSA at at (201) 963-6043.

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