WNY Parking Authority ED discusses new union contract, meters, new hire


West New York Parking Authority Executive Director Jamie Cryan discussed the agency’s new contract with their union, new parking meters that can be paid with a phone app, as well as a former town official being hired, and much more.


Cryan, whose contract was renewed for another year this week, also discussed the new parking meters, which accept credit cards and also give residents the option to pay via a phone app.

He also stated that contrary to popular belief, the WNY parking authority doesn’t have a quota for giving tickets and actually tries to avoid doing so when possible.

Furthermore, Cryan confirmed that former town commissioner Ruben Vargas has been hired as an outside operations manager, earning $40,000 a year.

Hudson County View was the first to report that Vargas was hired as the head of security for the West New York Housing Authority in February.

When asked if he was open to changing the time of the parking authority’s monthly meetings, which currently take place at 8 a.m., Cryan said transparency is one of his top goals with the agency.

Finally, Cryan said West New York has the lowest parking rates in Hudson County: something he doesn’t want to see change.

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  1. Vargas should not be working at the Parking Authority or Housing Authority.
    How many no show jobs does he want?
    Also why did he get fired from other Town/County jobs?
    Not Showing for work?

    Someone needs to Opra his attendance time cards.

  2. Speaking to one of the Meter Maid lady’s she said its one of the worst places to work. I was told all the high salaries are going to administrators and not to the peo’s with many years of service there. She said it is full of cover ups and misdealings. I believe her. Time to abolish the Parking Authority West NY.