Veteran Jersey Journal columnist Augie Torres ‘done’ after September 4


The Jersey Journal’s veteran political columnist Augie Torres, who has worked for the publication for 41 years, has confirmed he was victim of the newspaper’s most recent set of layoffs: September 4 is his last day. 

Facebook photo.
Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Torres’ “Political Insider” column has been a signature column of the journal for years, using historical references and humor to keep readers aware of the ever-changing political climate in Hudson County in a light-hearted manner.

Politico first reported yesterday that Torres would be leaving the paper in September. While Torres did not return calls for comment from Hudson County View, he posted a lengthy Facebook post last night to address the situation.

“I’m officially gone as a JJ employee after Sept. 4. Whether I continue writing columns for is a question. If I do want to continue writing, I have been provided some options by some good people in different media outlets, mostly online,” Torres wrote.

“I’m really surprised on how quickly those offers came. It’s all a matter of whether I want to, well, retire, or keep my hand in the ‘sport’ a little longer. Deep down I think I should leave it to some young blood who are proving to be pretty good at their craft.”

Torres adds that he had fun with his job and urges his readers to “not make this a wake.”

According to sources, who spoke under the condition of a anonymity, Torres was not the only one to receive the axe during the latest round of cuts at the historic Jersey Journal – which has been around since 1867.

The recent layoffs totaled about 10 employees, which also included their assistant managing editor of production (commonly referred to as the night editor), as well as their marketing director.

The Jersey Journal’s office moved from Jersey City to Secaucus in January of last year, the first time they changed headquarters in nearly a century, and the Advance Publications newspaper continues to produce and distribute a print edition six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

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  1. Thank you, John Heinis for reporting this story. I think it is very fitting that you told us of this ground shaking event in Hudson County, the cashiering of the Dean of Hudson County political reporters. No disrespect to The Hudson County Reporter’s Al Sullivan, or the very able former State legislator Joan Quigley. I know you will land effortlessly yet firmly on your feet, Mr. Torres. You are the hippest cool cat who covers the jungle of the Hudson County DEAD-O scene with a Top Cat Swagger and twice the Suavicito of The Dos Eques Man. Thats right, Sir. YOU coined that phrase. It IS yours. Don’t go gently into that dark night. Shine that beacon of Truth about our jungle. Shine as you have for forty one years. 41. Tom Seaver’s number. Sir Roger Bannister’s number when he ran into immortality on that track three score and some years ago. You have inspired numerous journalists and countless readers by your intrepid and adroit wordsmithing. Thanks to you we carry our own beacons of illumination. WHEN (and I do mean when) the HC-DEAD-O has purged it’s self-serving old boys club mantra of ‘go along to get along,’ and trully puts the needs of the PUBLIC ahead of its own caprices, you, Sir, will sound that trumpet loud and clear for us all.

  2. Well it’s about time! Angie has obviously lost his edge. After reading last weeks column concerning Mayor Stack’s political future, it became abundantly clear that he no longer has a grip on reality, never mind Hudson County Politics.