West New York teen fatally shot in the back of the head, officials say


A 19-year-old West New York man was fatally shot in the back of the head on 53rd Street shortly after midnight this morning, according to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Homicide Unit. 

West New York Police

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The prosecutor’s office is conducting a dual investigation with the West New York Police Department, they said in a statement.

The victim’s name has not been released yet since his family members have not yet been notified and no arrests have been made in connection to the fatal incident, authorities said.

Additionally, a law enforcement source told Hudson County View that surveillance cameras captured footage of the killing – which occurred at approximately 425 53rd Street.

The homicide marks the second in West New York in the past month. On June 5, three men were arrested in town for the beating death of 57-year-old West New York resident Moises Rivera.

Anyone with information on the shooting should contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Homicide Unit to call (201) 915-1345 or email hcpotips@hcpo.org, with all information remaining confidential.

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  1. This is all gang related and WNY POLICE have them underneath their nose. BLOODS HEADQUATERS ON 60th Street. But they don’t want to start a war I was told

  2. Don’t worry WNY.
    Capt Flores of the WNY PD will make an appearance at work for Night Out against Crime August 4th. Rest of year he is a no show job. Like others in WNY making Big $$$$$ and Lying to us.

  3. I feel badly for all police officers & what they have to deal with on a daily basis. I grew up in WNY. It has so changed….very sad. God Bless the WNY officers !!!

  4. These kids imitating these criminals. What makes a person though when cowardly sorting someone in the back of the head? That poor kid is in hell if he didn’t walk a righteous life before God. The Bible says we have to depart from sin and accept Jesus as Lord and savior. So sad, I grew up in west new york and even though there were gangs and drugs nothing like this ever occurred. It’s civilization, the further we separate from God the worse the following generation becomes.

  5. We have a mayor who doesn’t know how to lead, and has no idea of how to handle serious issues. He’s an idiot and a loser who only wants power. Maybe if he spent some time trying to deal with the town’s problems, instead of giving high paying jobs to his low life cronies, things might get better.
    But that will never happen. Roque is garbage, through and through.