West New York teachers continue to brawl with BOE over contract


Approaching a year without a contract, West New York teachers continued to slug it out with the board of education over their inability to get a deal done.


For the third month in a row, teachers were relentless in demanding a new contract from a the BOE – something they have been without since July of last year.

Although the board approved an 8 percent school tax increase last Monday, the West New York Education Association is still a ways off from a new deal.

WNYEA President Anita Kober, often creative in her public speeches, wanted to remind the board what a close-knit community West New York is.

John Smith, a West New York parent, said the $850,000 tax levy increase means little in the long term and that it’s time to remove politics from the school board.

Teacher and resident Yesenia Camilo said she was greatly disappointed in the trustees she voted for since they haven’t resolved the teachers’ contract yet, suggesting it’s time to start buckling down on which vendors the district uses.

Jeanette Terrell Rocker, a 30-year veteran of the school district, succinctly summed up the frustration of the local teachers.

Zoila Correa, another teacher, implored certain board members to start doing their part. The board took no formal action on the contract last night.

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