West New York Board of Education appoints David Morel as new trustee


The West New York Board of Education appointed David Morel, a North Bergen Motor Vehicle Commission employee who works park-time for Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32), as a new trustee last night. West New York BOE

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I’m looking to make a positive difference in our community and it’s fitting that we are expecting our first kid in November,” Morel said this afternoon about the appointment and the upcoming addition to his family.

“I’m hoping the decisions I make are not only positive for my child, but for all the children in West New York.”

Hudson County View noted earlier this month that Morel was the frontrunner to serve on the board and he ultimately won the seat vacated by Joan Palermo last month by a vote of 5-2(1).

Trustees Denise Mejia and Lorena Portillo voted no, while Trustee Steven Rodas abstained.

He beat out Jose “Mike” Alcantara, a Town Hall employee, and Paul Rosenkampff, a town resident for the past five years who said his wife has ties to the community that spans back four decades.

The board put Alcantara’s name up for a vote, but his nomination failed 3-2(3). Trustees Mejia, Lorena Portillo and Adam Parkinson voted yes, while Trustees Silvio Acosta and Matthew Cheng voted no.

Morel, who openly referred to town Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo as his best friend, scoffed at the notion that this was another political appointment.

“I’m not here to hurt anybody: I want what’s best for the kids and the teachers. My best friend, Cosmo, was the president of the board of ed – I don’t recall him hurting anybody when he was on the board and I don’t intend to do that either … I can work with anybody.”

Morel, a member of union CWA 1037, said he felt the teachers’ pain from their contract struggles since he himself hasn’t received a raise in two years due to ongoing issues at the state level.

He noted that “with a different governor, we’ll probably all be in a better situation financially.”

Morel and Cirillo after last night's meeting. Facebook photo
Morel and Cirillo after last night’s meeting. Facebook photo

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  1. Ha, Ha, Ha, another Roque puppet. That other slime ball Silvio Acosta and his family is still sucking $$$ out of WNY . Now he son Michael the police officer just settled a law suit against the town . Is the amount a secret or will the Taxpayers find out the amount
    Of the settlement . The town has paid out millions under Roque’s administration .

  2. >>> He noted that “with a different governor, we’ll probably all be in a better situation financially.” >>>

    With a different MAYOR we’d all be in a better situation, financially and otherwise.