West New York police set to open community outreach office in housing authority building


The West New York Police Department is set to open a community outreach office in a housing authority building next month, officials said.

Photo courtesy of the Town of West New York. File photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The Community Outreach Office is located at 515 54th St., the Sunshine Gardens Apartments, and will be opening on February 8th and will be headed by Capt. Erwin Moreno.

“Our new community outreach office is an amazing addition to our police force. We are extremely proud of bringing our community closer together through the addition of this new office,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said in a statement.

The extra presence of police officers and patrol vehicles in the area aims to heighten vigilance and deter various nuisances, while improving the quality of life for residents in the downtown area.

“Our police department is constantly working on finding innovative ways to protect and serve the residents of our town. I would like to especially thank Captain Moreno and our community outreach officers for going above and beyond the call of duty and further uniting our town,” Rodriguez added.

For more information regarding the West New York Police Department, please call 201-295-5000 or visit @westnewyorkpolice on Instagram.

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  1. WNY PD needs to do what Police are suppose to do. That’s to work the streets and fight crime!

    WNY PD needs a overhaul. Its not working as a PD Dept or for the people of WNY.

    WNY PD over paid and not Policing the town.