West New York police adding more beat cops on Bergenline for the holidays

As a safety precaution, also hoping to improve quality of life, the West New York Police Department will have more cops walking the beat on Bergenline Avenue during this holiday season.

“I’m very happy to present this: we have a great group of police officers that are here to not only walk the avenue, but help our shoppers and improve traffic and flow for the season,” West New York Department of Public Safety Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez said at a small press conference at 60th Street and Bergenline Avenue this afternoon.
When asked if the added police presence was to deter crimes such as shoplifting and robbery, Rodriguez said that crime continues to be on the downward trend and that this was being done simply as a proactive measure to ensure a happy, healthy holiday season.
Police Director Robert Antolos said that people tend to let their guard down during the holiday season, so it only makes sense for his officers to step up their patrols at this time.
“It’s a time in this world where no matter where you are, you never know how safe you are with terrorism and attacks: look what’s happening overseas in shopping areas – so we don’t want that to be West New York,” he explained.
“We take pride in our town and we have a great group of men and women on our police department who would give their lives if they have to keep our citizens safe.”
Rodriguez took over the Department of Public Safety from Mayor Felix Roque, who is now running the Department of Parks and Public Property, after a chaotic board of commissioners meeting last month where the battle lines for 2019 appeared to be drawn.