West New York Mayor Felix Roque pleads not guilty to role in $250k bribery scheme


West New York Mayor Felix Roque pleaded not guilty to charges that he participated in a $250,000 bribery/kickback scheme in front of a Bergen County Superior Court judge this morning. 

Felix Roque

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

After Hudson County View exclusively reported that his pre-arraignment conference was postponed earlier this month, Roque appeared before Judge Edward Jerejian today and entered a not guilty plea, court officials said.

On June 9, the state Attorney General’s Office indicted Roque on charges of healthcare claims fraud and bribery for allegedly accepting $250,000 in a kickback scheme with a medical imaging company.

Roque’s attorney, Christopher D. Adams, of the Holmdel law firm Adams, Buchan & Palo, LLC, almost immediately called the allegations “ridiculously false charges.”

Court officials added that a status conference has been scheduled for September 14.

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  1. Al Sullivan of Hudson County Reporter had an excellent commentary on these charges in the 7-19-15 edition of Between the Lines. I believe that the docter who alleges that Dr. Roque took kickbacks is throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks whether it may be true or not, just to reduce HIS sentence. Hmmm. Operation Bid Rig III… we’ve heard this song before. When it comes out that the xray doctor wove this particular story out of thin air, may he be prosecuted.

  2. Two Sexual assaults (Rapes) in WNY Tuesday AM… One Arrest?

    Someone please ask Mr Heinis to investigate. WNY PD and Commissioners will try to black out this news. I was told both occured near Las Palmas.