West New York Mayor Felix Roque and the board of commissioners formally sworn in


The West New York Town Hall was full of supporters of Mayor Felix Roque and the board of commissioners for their swearing-in ceremony this afternoon.

Mayor Roque’s son, Joseph, held the bible during his father’s oath of office and oath of allegiance.

Following the mayor were the elected officials, Commissioner Susan Colacurcio, Commissioner Margarita Guzman, Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez, and Commissioner Cosmo A. Cirillo.

During the ceremony, Colacurcio was the given the responsibility to oversee the Department of Revenue and Finance, Guzman is in charge of Cultural Affairs & Parks and Public Property, Cirillo is responsible for the Department of Public Affairs, Rodriguez remains with the Department of Public Works and Mayor Roque also remains with the Public Safety Department.

John Heinis of Hudson County View asked Mayor Roque if he would seek higher office. “The truth is I’m happy here,” said the mayor.

Mayor Roque also revealed some of his more immediate plans for the city.

“I’m going to improve more on the recreation and I’m blessed to have Cosmo Cirillo. I’m also blessed to have Gabriel Rodriquez because I want to do better for the cleaning of the streets, Margarita, the parks,” said Roque, and “I have Sue Colacurcio to help me with financing and they are all experts in their own departments.”

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