West New York honors high school student who studied abroad in Japan


The West New York Board of Commissioners issued a proclamation to honor a Memorial High School senior who was able to study abroad in Japan for a year with the help of the North Hudson Rotary Club.


“The Rotary [Club] is in approximately 160 countries around the world and they have what is known as a student exchange program,” explained West New York Commissioner of Public Affairs Cosmo Cirillo.

So we were fortunate enough to have one of our very own students, Magda [Rodriguez] from Memorial High School, joined that program this past year where she was stationed in Japan. So she spent an entire year studying in Japan and we just wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate her.”

After Cirillo read the proclamation being issued by the board of commissioners, Mayor Felix Roque also commended Rodriguez for her recent journey.

“I want to say great things, you make us proud and that’s what this is all about. You’re setting an example to other young people out there so I want to say thank you, it’s an honor … if I ever need a bodyguard, you’re good at protecting,” Roque joked.

While abroad, Rodriguez studied Japanese, traditional contemporary history, martial arts and calligraphy.


  1. As a Veteran who spent most of his second Army Tour in Japan, I am especially happy to congratulate Magda Rodriguez on her year-long sojourn in Japan. Domo arigato gozimasta to the North Hudson Rotary Club for facilitating this noble, educational, and worthy endeavor.

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