West New York honors all law enforcement agencies involved in police standoff


West New York officials honored all the various law enforcement agencies involved in the 12-hour police standoff on February 5 that ended in a peaceful surrender.


West New York Police Director Robert Antolos kicked off the event by praising the ability of over a dozen agencies to work together on February 5, resulting in zero injuries.

Mayor Felix Roque, also the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, commended the officers on the restraint they used that day.

Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32), whose son Adrian was honored for working dispatch for WNYPD during the incident, thanked police on behalf of Sheriff Frank Schillari and continued the trend of applauding everyone on a job well done.

Among the dozens honored included the office’s of the county prosecutor and sheriff, North Bergen police, West New York police, the Bergen County and West New York SWAT, the crime scene negotiators, Union City police, Weehawken police, Guttenberg police, the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue and numerous local EMS workers who responded to the scene.

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  1. Only 2 Afro-Americans in the whole room. Why do the non white Hispanics get all the PO jobs? It shows from this group of PO’s and their leadership. Somin wrong here.

    • Wow! Really? The race card? One African American was from the Prosecutors Office while the other is a Sergeant from WNYPD. There was also a “non-white Hispanic” there from WNYPD SWAT. Newsflash: there are no quotas and no need for Affirmative Action, as the department’s racial makeup is representative of the community. Those that apply and are qualified, are given a shot. What you and other low information constituents don’t realize about police, amongst each other, THEY SEE BLUE! There are African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics (of all countries you can think of and all shades), women, Muslims and even a representative of the LGBT community on the force, in Supervisory positions, down to patrol officers. That isn’t important, but what is important, is the fact that they were hired and achieve their ranks, positions and assignments BASED ON MERIT! That’s right; MERIT! They’ve earned it! A funny concept in this day and age of “safe spaces” and participation trophies, I know. In fact, WNYPD IS THE ONLY TOWN IN NJ THAT DIDNT HAVE A MANDATE TO PROMOTE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN OR HISPANIC! They all scored well and can take pride in their ranks! So, don’t complain and try to start negativity where there is no issue. Go to town meetings, get involved with volunteering for your community, and stop the drama! If you do, like me, you’ll be informed with facts and not armchair activism eating away at you. Good job to all involved.

  2. Your probably bashing the guy because he has arrested you and you mom on several different occasions. Nice try, focus on supporting our officers who risk their life everyday to protect ediots like you. GOD BLESS THE WEST NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENT and their families. Other Towns should be so lucky.

    • Great comment Sir. Some people always have to try to take someone down. You either know cops by name because they are your friend or you were their arrestee! This clown is probably a career dirtbag.