West New York hoarding case to result in 27 counts of animal cruelty


Three members of a West New York family, including a state Child Protection and Permanency employee, on 64th Street will be charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty each today after over two dozens dogs were found to be living in horrid conditions.


The poodles appeared to have not been groomed for several months at best, but still generally seemed to be in good spirits as they awaited medical care at the Summit Animal Clinic in Union City.

West New York Animal Cruelty Investigator Geoff Santini, who also runs the New Jersey Humane Society in town, explained the particulars of the situation to Hudson County View.

“The animals were [found] in a two-family house, it was on the second floor and third floor and the animals were in dire conditions. Actually, the building inspector came out and condemned the house after we left,” Santini explained.

Santini also said that the owner of the home will be charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty, following a veterinary report being completed for each dog.

He later added that the charges would be issued to three people who lived inside the 25 64th Street home before the end of today.

While he declined to name those involved in the incident, the home is registered to a Lauren and Alfred Curnow, according to public records.

Santini also said that the situation began to unfold after a health inspector went out to do a routine sidewalk inspection.

“The call came in to West New York and one of the health inspectors was doing a sidewalk inspection and all the neighbors there were coming out and thought he was there for the dogs.”

“Then they reported it to me through the health officer, Gina Diaz. Then, in collaboration with Gina Diaz, Commissioner [Sue] Colacurcio and the West New York Police Department, we stumbled across all these animals in the home,” stated Santini.

He also called the conditions of the home “deplorable,” with pictures and videos from the scene showing floors matted in debris, full bags of garbage strewn all above the home and each dog’s fur becoming heavily matted and dirty as a result.

Santini further stated that the dogs would be taken back to the New Jersey Humane Society, located at 6410-6412 Dewey Ave., and will be put up for adoption in the coming days.

Anyone interested in adopting one of the dogs can contact the New Jersey Humane Society at 201-822-7333.

“If people get caught up with animals and the hoarding starts, please call your local animal shelter or your local health department. We’re not there to hurt you or charge you criminally, we want to help you take care of the dog situation,” Santini said.

“But by hiding this, and us stumbling across it, you will face criminal charges.”

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